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by Administrator on Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hello Fellas!

Enchantment system for lv95 weapons is now added at Lv95 Weapons Exchanger for 25x Boss Fragment and Boss Slayer Card ( Which can be obtained by exchanging 30x Unique Points from Slayer Master at Bar ):

Enchantment System

Enchantment System

*NOTE:* Make sure your weapons are clean or you're gonna lose your gems.


New 2 skills added! New Skills Exchanger can be near Argent Teleporter at [ 2191,2786 ]

New Skills Exchanger

*Frozen Trap*

Frozen Trap is a new skill for Cleric and Seal Master which deals 2.5k true damage on surrounding opponents. Decrease your opponents movement and aspd by 30% for 5 seconds - 15 Second cooldown.

Frozen Trap

*Thunder Bolt*
Thunder Bolt is a new skill for Voyager which deals 3k true damage on your opponent. It also heals you by 3k. - 15 Second cooldown.

Thunder Bolt


New 2 bosses added!

-Barborosa, Boss of Skeletar Isle!



Drop List: Boss Fragment - Random Standard Manu Chest - Random Novice Manu Chest - Morph Runestones - 1 Hundred Million Dollar Note - Exp Pack - Azrael, Great and Advanced gem vouchers.


Our weekly new boss,
Ghost of Black Dragon!

Ghost of Black Dragon

Ghost of Black Dragon

Drop list: 10x Donation Coins Chest - Boss Fragment - 1 Hundred Million Dollar Note -Exp Pack - Morph Runestones - Azrael, Great and Advanced gem vouchers - Standard Manu Chest ( Contains 30x of all lv2 manus can be used in pk )


*Magic Balance*

-Conch ray and Spiritual Bolt damage have modified a bit for good, now mage classes can also kill bosses.

-There's 20% chance of having 1.5* more damage with Spiritual Bolt or Conch Ray while wearing Corporeal Kylin Set



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