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Event Weekend Events!

by Administrator on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hello Fellas!

We're gonna have some nice events on Thursday night on server time 20:30 [UTC]!

Hide and Seek - Random Drop - Question and Answer - Random Stall Event!

You'll have a chance of winning Item Mall items such as:
-Corporeal Kylin Set
-Angel Fallen Wings
-Lv120 Card
-Magic Shield
-Aegis Shield
-Lv85 Rings
-Morph Runestones
-Kal Runestones
-Boss Fragments
-Exp Packs
-Change Name Card
-Rebirth Card
-Lv6 Refining Gem Chest
-Shrubby Chests
-100 Million Notes
-5x Azrael Gem Vouchers
-5x Great Gem Vouchers

Join us and invite your friends, Will be waiting for you!

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